Is my tailbone protected with SAFEFIT?

This is a very common question about airbags in general.

The answer is: no. However, no other airbag on the market protects the coccyx.

Zoom in on the anatomy:

The coccyx is far below the buttocks!

So the airbag would have to go between the thighs and inflate there for it to be truly and fully protected.

What is the risk of breaking my tailbone while riding?

The risk of breaking your tailbone when wearing an airbag is very low. The reason is simple:

When the airbag is triggered, the entire trunk is "inflated" and protected. The thickness created by the airbag, which acts like a "cushion", becomes the first area to be affected before the rest of the body. Thus, the areas around the inflated parts (about 20 cm) have little chance of being affected. It is therefore highly recommended to wear an airbag.

Reminder on the standard

SAFEFIT complies with the regulations governing personal protective equipment (PPE) subject to the French Sports Code. It has the NF standard (S72-800:2021) and the CE marking issued by the certified laboratory Aliénor Certification in accordance with the European directive 89/686/CEE of 21/12/1986. Thus, it protects against mechanical shocks, hyperflexions and hyperextensions of the trunk and the spine and allows to obtain the best possible compromise between protection, comfort and ergonomic requirements.

Learn more about the standard (S72-800:2021) here.

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