How to use your airbag for the first time?

Using the SAFEFIT airbag is very simple. We will proceed in 6 steps.

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1. Install the connector cord on the stirrup bars. 

Simply install the connector cord provided in the packaging on your saddle. 

SAFEFIT connector cord

It fits on each stirrup bar of your saddle. Adjust the lanyard so that the connector cord does not move. 

The connector strap should be centered on the connector cord to ensure a perfect release if you fall, regardless of direction. Do not attempt to attach it to one of the rings on the hunting collar, as this is not strong enough.

You can purchase another connector cord here, for your second saddle or in case of loss. 

2. Arming your airbag 

When you receive your airbag, it already has its connecting strap installed on the system. 

Connecting strap 

Connecting strap armed on the system

Prepare the gas cartridge corresponding to the size of the airbag (i.e. 24 g for sizes XXS, XS and S. 33 g for S, M, L, XL). 

Airbag jacket size

Cartridge capacity


24 g

S, M, L, XL

33 g

Open the small pocket of the airbag which contains the release system. 

Screw the new cartridge on the airbag. Screw it on tightly.

The cartridge should be tight but cannot be screwed all the way in.

Detailed article here.

Close the small pocket. 

3. Put on the airbag

Put on your airbag. Be careful, it must be worn as the last layer, unless you wear it under a compatible jacket. A compatible jacket has a minimum of 15% elastane in its composition. 

Detailed article here. 

4. Get on your horse

Get on your horse. No doubt you already know how to do that!

5. Attach the attachment strap to the connector cord in the center. 

Attach the attachment strap to the ring of the connector cord. 

6. You are ready to ride safely!

You are ready to ride safely. Attention, before dismounting, do not forget to detach the attachment strap from the connector cord. 

Link to the detailed article here. 

Click here to download the SAFEFIT user manual. 

📽 Here is a video tutorial on how to install the SAFEFIT airbag for the first time.

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